Please find below a description of our fees and information about the discounts that we offer.


An assessment at our centre is free, and when an assessment is not required, the first session costs 50% of the standard £12.50 fee. Please note, fees are adjusted at the beginning of the academic year in early September, and are fixed until the end of the following August.


The standard fee this year is £25.00 per session. A session is approximately 100 minutes long. The fee covers advance preparation of individual lessons, homework, printing of worksheets – and a hot or cold drink and a biscuit (if required).

Parents who pay in advance for a block of 10 sessions (£250) receive an 11th session free. This reduces the per session fee to £22.72. For brothers and sisters attending simultaneously, the per session fee is £22.72 per student, combined with the advance payment discount, 20 + 2 sessions for £500 works out at £22.72 per child per session.

As Thinkbig Tuition is an Ofsted Registered childcare centre, parents on Working Tax Credit may reclaim 70% of fees (see Blog for 17 December 2012). The following rates are per session. £25 per session or £100 per month, year 9-11, £40 per 2-hour session or £140 per month.

Important Information

All payments are taken at the start of each month. Also, the following utensils are provided by us:

  • Materials
  • Resources
  • Test Papers
  • Stationery 

Plus, many more! Please note, fees are taken monthly, half termly, or termly in advance.

Payment Options

We accept payment by cash, debit/credit cards, BACs, PayPal™ and Cheque.

Thinkbig Tuition Payment Details

We offer several payment options including cash, bank transfer, working tax credit, childcare vouchers, credit and debit cards. Tuition fees are paid monthly in Advance. We usually expect payment by the 7th of every month.

Group Tuition

Maths and English Fees

Year 1 and 2

£12.50 Per Hour

Year 3 and 4

£12.50 Per Hour

Year 5 and 6

£14.50 per Hour

Year 7,8, and 9

£15.50 Per Hour

Year 10 and 11 GCSE

£15.50 Per Hour


£17.50 Per Hour

11 + Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Group Tuition for Grammar and Private School Entry

The 11 Plus Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning fees are £16 for children in year 4 and 5.

Two-to-One Tuition (Two Children to a Tutor)

Two-to-One Tuition Fees

Year 3,4,5,6

£25 Per Hour

Year 7,8 and 9

£25.50 Per Hour

Year 10 and 11

£25 Per Hour

Year 12 and 13

£30 Per Hour

Help with Fees

Please find information below about financial help you can receive to fund your child’s fees.

Childcare Vouchers

Basic rate tax payers can save up to £17 per week; £74 per month; £296 per term on ThinkBig fees by paying with childcare vouchers. High rate tax payers can up to save £22.50 per week; £97.50 per month; £390 per term on ThinkBig fees.

You can pay for some or all of Thinkbig fees with vouchers from:

  • Allsave™
  • Apple™
  • Busy Bees™
  • Care4™
  • Childcare Vouchers (from Edenred™)
  • Computershare™
  • Early Years™
  • FairCare ™
  • Imagine™
  • Kiddivouchers™
  • Saycare Pass™

And many more. If your employer does not yet offer childcare vouchers, they may obtain advice from here

Tax Credits


There are discounts available for more than one child from the same family and for registration onto more than one programme.

Contact out tuition centre in Belvedere, London, to know more about our teaching fees and discounts.