English and Maths Tuition Available at Our Tuition Centre in Erith, London

Nowadays, there is so much pressure on children to achieve great SAT, GCSE, and A-level results, and this can have a detrimental effect on your child. At Thinkbig Tuition, we aim to equip you child with the knowledge they need to achieve great results, as well as ensuring that they feel confident for the exam. Our maths and English tutors work continuously to develop your child’s skills, and we have a variety of teaching methods to engross your child in the tuition too. Based in Erith, London, our proficient teachers are always on-hand to answer any question.

Primary Tuition

Prepare your child for their key stage 1 and 2 SATs by taking advantage of our tuition services. Maths and English are the core subjects in the National Curriculum, and our team provide tuition in these subjects for your child. Each learning session lasts for either 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes, or 2 hours.

Primary Tuition

Our tuition services are available to children aged between 5 and 11, and each learning session is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes long. To find out more information about the National Curriculum, please check the QCA website.

11 Plus Tuition and Preparation

When tutoring your child for their 11 Plus exam, it is imperative that they practise previous exam papers, and at our centre we prepare your child for the exam through using this technique. For Bexley, you child sits the CEM tests, which consist of the following papers:

  • Maths 
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning Paper
  • English and Verbal Reasoning Paper

Medway – English Non-Verbal Reasoning Paper

For Medway, your child sits a creative writing exam in English that is focused on one of the following types of literature: 

  • Story
  • Diary Entry 
  • Play Script
  • Newspaper 
  • Report 
  • Leaflet 
  • Formal Letter 

The time allowed for this exam is 50 minutes.

Medway – Maths Paper

In the maths paper your child must show an understanding of the following topics:

  • Fractions 
  • Decimals 
  • Percentages 
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Ratio
  • Algebra 
  • Shape 
  • Problem Solving

The time allowed for this exam is 50 minutes.

Medway – Verbal Reasoning

This exam is a multiple-choice paper, and it is marked by the computer, whereas the creative writing paper is hand marked. Please note, the scores for this exam are standardised per age, so the youngest child is not at a disadvantage in this exam.


There are 6 grammar schools in Medway, and one bilateral school known as, The Howard School. The entry requirements for each school varies. Some schools use distance from the school as a primary criterion, and others use the score achieved in the 11 Plus papers as the over-subscription criterion. Therefore, it is vital that you scrutinise the admission policies for each school before deciding on your preferred choice, and ranking them for the Common Application Form.

Where do Children Sit the 11 Plus Paper?

Each child sits their 11 Plus paper at their own primary school in Medway. For children who are located outside of the Medway area, and those who attend a Medway primary school must sit the 11 Plus at an independent centre, when their school has chosen not to enter their pupils for the test.

For more information about 11 Plus exams and admissions information for September 2017 entry, please visit the Eleven Plus website.

Grammar Schools - Kent

In the UK, Kent has the most grammar schools. In this area, there is 35 selective grammar schools and 4 partially selective schools. The Dover Grammar schools and The Folkestone School have their own tests (the Dover test and Shepway test). At these schools, each child is entered for tests in Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, and tests in Maths and English that are based on the KS2 National Curriculum.

Children sit the 11 Plus test at their primary school in Kent. However, for children that are situated outside of Kent, and those attending Kent primary schools that applied to sit the test, must sit it at an independent centre. For more information about Kent 11 Plus exams, please visit the Eleven Plus website and Kent County Council website.

Secondary, GCSE, and A-levels

In this solution, our teachers provide tuition for all secondary year levels including students aged between 11-18 years old. Our tutors identify your child’s areas for development, and we put measures in place to enhance your child’s skills as well as helping with homework. The subjects we provide tuition in are as follows:

  • English
  • Maths 
  • Biology 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry

GCSEs and A-levels

When your child requires extra tuition to ensure they reach their full potential in exams, look no further than our company to help. Our tutors scrutinise exam board assessment standards, to identify what your child needs to do in the exam to achieve a great grade. The exam boards our tutors use are:

  • OCR
  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • WJEC
  • 21st Century

Keeping Your Child Engaged

To ensure that your child fully participates in their tuition lessons, our tutors use various teaching strategies including computer aided software, and revising past exam questions. Pinpointing your child’s areas of development is imperative when preparing them for their exams, and our tutors work on your child’s areas of weakness. Our aim is to change your child’s weaknesses into strengths, so that they enter their exam feeling confident, and have belief in their ability.

Subject Areas

We cover the following subject areas in our tuition sessions: 

  • Key Stage 3 Revision 
  • Key Stage 4/GCSE Revision
  • ‘A’ Level Revision

Our Work Flow

After each lesson, a piece of homework is provided for your child. For continuity and comprehension, it is recommended that your child completes a section of homework each evening.


Regular attendance is crucial in your child’s education, and when your child cannot attend one of their lessons, it is appreciated when you notify us beforehand.

Holidays and Missed Lessons

  1. If your child cannot attend a lesson, we rearrange the lesson to ensure that your child does not miss any invaluable learning time. 
  2. This can only be claimed if we are notified in advance that a lesson will be missed. 
  3. As a condition of your enrolment, we expect all missed lessons to be ‘made up’ and paid for within three weeks before or after your child’s normal lesson times. Missed made-up lessons can’t be made up again.

Reporting and Communication

Your child’s progression is closely monitored by us. After each lesson, our tutors assess your child’s comprehension of what they have learnt, and plan the next lesson accordingly. Plus, to inform you about your child’s development, our tutors conduct a brief consultation with you at the end of each lesson to discuss areas of commendation or concern. Please note, the briefing cannot exceed 3 minutes. However, if you require more time, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with your child’s teacher. Our teachers are always happy to assist, especially when your child is struggling with their homework.

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